Parish Nurse

What is a Parish Nurse and what do they do?

You may have a health concern, a new medical diagnosis, a serious illness or a desire to improve your health. If so, your Parish Nurse can build a bridge of support between you and your doctor, your family and your faith community.

Parish Nurses, also called Faith Community Nurses, are professional nurses who work in congregations providing support for the health and well-being of parishioners and neighbors. A specialty recognized by the American Nurses Association, it is one of the fastest growing professions with currently more than 10,000 nurses practicing in the U.S...

  • A Parish Nurse is your friend in healthcare
  • You can ask your Parish Nurse for help with your healthcare questions
  • A Parish Nurse can help in times of illness, in your home or at the hospital
  • Parish Nurses are there for you in all stages of your life that could include: grief support, long term loneliness, new baby, new health diagnosis and more

The Parish Nurse is the lead contact of our Care Team at Grace United Methodist Church. 

Parish Nurse:

Brenda Lisa

615-754-1385  or 


Care Team Request

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Please list any details that are important to your request like: Date & Facility of Procedure, Name & Relation of Family Member in Request, etc.

We want our community to help carry your burden but we also want to respect your desire for privacy.

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